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Presentation Scan

presentation scan 01
Price: £89
Scan Period: 35 – 40 weeks
2D presentation scan.
Fetal ‘well being’ check including fetal measurements and fetal weight estimate on the day – up to 40 weeks.

What is a presentation scan?

This is a scan to determine which way your baby is lying within the uterus and is performed from 35 weeks.

This scan checks

Fetal Heart Beat.

Presentation. This is the position your baby is lying within the uterus.This may be Cephalic (head down), Breech (head up), Transverse (across the uterus) or Oblique (diagonal).


Placental Location. This is to check the position of the placenta. The placenta may be anterior (along the front of the uterus), posterior (along back), fundal (along the top) or lateral (at the side). We will check whether the placenta is low lying. This is where it reaches or covers the internal Os which is the exit for your baby.


Amniotic Fluid Volume. This is the amount of amniotic fluid (waters) around your baby.

It may be necessary to check the blood flow through the umbilical cord.
Estimated fetal weight assessment
presentation scan 02

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