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This union brings together years of experience and expertise, allowing us to offer you a wider range of services and support.

Baby Scan & Private Pregnancy Scan Clinic in Bromsgrove

We also provide Early Gender Scans, Gender Reveals and 4D Baby Scans in Worcester, Redditch and the surrounding Worcestershire area.

We are Bromsgrove’s most established pregnancy scan clinic now in its own private setting, offering a friendly, personal and professional scan service – Book an Appointment today.

View 4D baby scan Gallery, read popular questions on the pregnancy FAQ page, send a message to contact us, or call 01527 910237.

Our Pregnancy Scans

Babyface4d is a private pregnancy scan clinic with years of experience and a solid reputation within the Bromsgrove, Redditch, Worcester and surrounding areas. Our clinic is run by Specialist Midwife Sonographer and advanced Ultrasound Practitioner Jill Agnew, who is a longstanding member of the Bromsgrove community and has been providing professional ultrasound services in the Worcestershire area since 2008. Our pregnancy scan clinic aims to keep our clients feeling comfortable and get the best experience out of their baby scan.

Our baby scan clinic specialises in a whole host of different services such as 2D, 3D, 4D baby scans, early pregnancy scans, gender scans (fetal sexing), growth and well-being scans and even gender reveal celebrations or new-born photoshoots. We can guide our clients throughout the pregnancy journey, from the first pregnancy scan moments, right up until their first photoshoot. For a full list of our baby scan packages, please scroll below.

Some pictures of the wonderful babies we’ve been lucky enough to scan

Baby Ultrasound Services Throughout Pregnancy

We offer a personal, professional ultrasound service to mums and parents throughout pregnancy.

Whether it is the latest HD-LIVE 3D/4D technology introducing your baby in the most unique way, a fetal wellbeing assessment, fetal growth or early gender/sexing scans, or simply an extra 2D peep at your unborn baby. We can help create a magical experience right from the first interaction with a little one.

We can offer a private pregnancy scan service to suit our client’s individual requirements. Expecting families can come and relax, spending a little time ‘bonding’ with their baby, all whilst in a comfortable, friendly and welcoming environment.

A GP referral is not required for any of our pregnancy scans. ALL scans are undertaken by a highly qualified, experienced obstetric sonographer.

4D Baby Scans

Although our private pregnancy scan clinic offers all different types of services, our 4D baby scans are growing in popularity. Using state of the art technology, clients can watch their little one smile, move around and even suck their thumb. Our clinic also offers 4D baby scan packages which allow expecting families to take home mementos of the special occasion, such as videos, images and more.

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