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Early Pregnancy Scan

Giving birth has become easier and safer in many ways for women. One of the reasons for this is the development of technology that has resulted in doctors/sonographers being able to detect the gradual development of the fetus within the womb. This is why early pregnancy scans are very important.

A viability scan, also known as early pregnancy scan, reassurance scan, and dating scan, is an ultrasound examination carried out between 6 to12 weeks of the fetal development. Babyface4d specialises in ultrasound pregnancy scans and can help you understand your baby’s development through the various stages of your pregnancy.

There are many reasons for taking a viability scan. At such an early stage, it is the first time that information is gathered about the fetus.

-> Some of the main aims of this scan are to find out how many embryos are actually developing in the womb, single or multiple pregnancy. Dating the pregnancy and to look for a fetal heart beat.

-> The scan is used to check that everything is progressing normally at the early stage. Since most women miscarry in the first trimester of their pregnancy, this is a very important scan for keeping track of fetal and mother’s health.

-> Women who are in pain or have bleeding problems during this period of pregnancy may wish to have this scan.

-> This scan is also important for women who have a history of miscarriages, irregular menstruation, ectopic pregnancies, etc. in order to avoid complications and ensure their own health.

Babyface4d is a private ultrasound service company, providing all kinds of pregnancy ultrasound services to pregnant women and prospective mothers.

-> We have three clinics located in Bromsgrove, Chelmsey Wood, & West Heath. Hence, if you live in or around Worcestershire or Birmingham we are located at a convenient distance.

-> The clinic has been in operation since 2008, and has been providing excellent ultrasound service to customers for the past eight years. With our good record, you can safely entrust your scanning to us.

-> Mrs Jill Agnew, an experienced ultrasound practitioner and qualified midwife working within the NHS for several years is the owner of the pregnancy scanning clinic. With her years of experience in the field, prospective mothers are in experienced hands.

-> We have the latest in technology and provide the best ultrasound care with a professional friendly service at affordable prices.

-> We offer customised service to ladies with specific requirements.

So if you are seeking an early pregnancy scan to determine the growth of your little one, then come to us. We will make your experience as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

Price: £55

Addition reassurance scans are reduced to £39
Scan Period: From 6 weeks

Private early pregnancy ultrasound scan

(also called viability scan reassurance scan dating scan or early pregnancy scan).

We recommend that you present your early pregnancy scan results to your usual healthcare professional. All scans are performed by a qualified Ultrasound Practitioner with diagnostic obstetric scanning experience.

Purpose of the scan:

  • To determine the viability (demonstrating fetal heart activity) of an early pregnancy using 2D ultrasound.
  • To determine whether single or multiple pregnancy between 6 – 12 weeks gestation.
  • No fetal sexing is undertaken.
  • May involve transvaginal / internal scanning.
  • Includes standard early pregnancy measurement and report.
  • Includes 2 thermal black & white prints presented in a keepsake wallet.
  • Additional reassurance scans £39 up to 16 weeks.

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Early Pregnancy Scan