Here at Babyface4d we just love being able to help you to celebrate the joyous news of having a baby. We know that people like to celebrate in many ways and we are always happy to hear about your individual plans! The most popular celebrations we hear about at the moment are gender reveal parties. Gender reveal parties became an official thing back in the late 2000’s after a blogger Mum-to-be threw one in 2008 starting the trend.  Although, like other things in life, the types of parties and ways of revealing and celebrating have changed, developed and grown over the years.

Some parents-to-be find the thought of organising a gender reveal party a bit tricky. We often get asked if there is a way for us to find out without them knowing and create some sort of indicator for someone else. We like to think that our options with the Fetal sexing scan package cover the bases for finding out gender. We of course offer parents-to-be the chance to find out in the room, as Jill (our experienced sonographer and owner) shows them around baby. Jill can also give you a moment to guess or see if you can tell yourselves from the image on the screen before letting you know. We often find out about bets that have been placed by family members and friends!

We also offer free of charge to pop a very important slip of paper into an envelope which has the sex of your baby on, so it is sealed away for you to either open later on, or for you to pass on to a baker or designated individual who is putting together your surprise. Our confetti cannons and balloons are also a great addition to your scan and offer a way of finding out the gender later on with others or simply alone. The cannons and balloons come with an envelope as well so that you can cross check the colour if the news doesn’t fully sink in! Sometimes parents request us to inform a relative or to just show one loved one in the scan room the gender of little one.  You can still have an envelope to take away with you if this is the case.

There is one very important piece of information when it comes to gender reveals here at Babyface4d. If you are not finding out in the room we ask that you do not look at the images that Jill has saved for you until you know, as one has a label and some may show the sex of the baby. Don’t worry though Jill will print off some images in black and white that you will be able to look at straight away to keep you going just in case you are waiting a little while to reveal the big news!