Having a baby can be arduous and often takes a toll on the mother’s body. A mother who is expecting needs to take good care of herself so that both she and the child can remain healthy. In order to do this, she needs to educate herself on good pregnancy habits and regular early pregnancy scan in Birmingham.

A healthy and balanced diet is required for the foetus to thrive and for the mother to maintain her energy. Make sure to include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Eat healthy with whole grains and proteins. You also could include some dairy products.


During this time, your requirement for vitamins increases. So start taking vitamin supplements with physician recommendation. You will also require folic acid and Vitamin D during this time, and supplements can help with that.


Exercising is very important to keep in shape during pregnancy. Your muscles and strength will be gradually built up, preparing you for the labour and for carrying the baby. It will also go some way in preventing depression. Exercising can also help with body aches.

Alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine

Most women already know to cut out the alcohol and cigarettes during pregnancy as it is harmful for the baby. It is also helpful to cut down on caffeine, which can harm the baby in large quantities.

Rest & sleep

It is vital for expecting mothers to get their rest. If you can’t sleep at night, then try taking naps during the day and rest whenever possible. Use pillows and cushions in case of pains and aches.


Your body and your baby require water during pregnancy. Sufficient water intake can solve a lot of minor discomfort issues. Plain water is really the best option but you can also occasionally take in juices and other fluids during the day.

Regular checkups

Always ensure that you are having regular check-ups during the pregnancy. This is where we can help you. BabyFace 4D is a private ultrasound service company, providing all kinds of facilities and services to pregnant women and prospective mothers. Started by Ms Jill Agnew in 2008, BabyFace 4D has grown over the years to include three clinics in Bromsgrove, Chelmsey Wood, & West Heath. Come here for your scans and we can help you navigate through this tough but happy time.